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it's so darn evil today with the way
the fractionalized banking system goes away
throws away your hard earned pay
woah, gotta go

the Bilderberg group
the New World Order

the free mason society
the trilateral commission
they're all coming to spy on you

it says in the Mayan Calendar , woah

the things all going down now, woah

ancient prophecies
ages far-lin-e-ages
that we talked about

they do it underground
that's why the bankers took over the world

but don't get the implant
forget about the retinal scan

if JFK was killed by the ah-CIA

hey lets talk about 9-11
the truth has never really ever been told, woah

I wish I knew what happened on that day
seems like so many mysteries remain

the crop circles, man

Planet Nirubu

it's goin' down

either you're part of the police state or you're free
you're for the free people of America
the American way.


awakening.. thscheoow

in movies like Zeitgeist
and otherwons ontha web

Loose change and these other films
made by just normal guys

they never even show
what happened on that day
it could have been thermite bombs in the buildings
planted by CIA or those other guys

those underground guys
painted faggot freelny the ISI intelligence
who knows?

where did freedom in American
freedom oovh vari andu hope go

I thought I was tilly va-iving reat place

I feel I've met the human race face to face
woah man

me weally get me wee
when I gotta worry what's coming next
if it's real or eh propaganda
on the whatever
ih rih where you get your imfermation from
it's gotta be some kind of lie
you never even know nowadays who's telling the truth anymore


from Oceanic Fields, released June 28, 2013



all rights reserved


Pig Manikin Laytonsville, Maryland

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